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Finding the right technology solutions for a business requires asking many questions. Is my hardware out of date? How much protection does my network need? What cloud solution will be best for increasing team productivity? These kinds of questions can bog down business growth and waste company resources.

The best way to not get caught in this trap is by partnering with IT-Tech. We offer IT as a service to simplify solving your technology needs. By bundling services such as remote computer support, hardware updates, network security, and monitoring, you’ll get enterprise-level solutions for a flat monthly fee. Let IT-Tech take your tech to the next level.

What’s Included in
Our IT as a Service Solutions?


Mac and PC Support

Do your employees use PCs or Macs? It makes no difference to us. Our staff is fully trained to resolve problems on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.


Hardware as a Service

It feels like today’s cutting-edge technology and upgrades will be obsolete before you know it. We’ll help keep your devices up to date. 


Network Monitoring

We’ll always have an eye on your tech. With our 24/7 monitoring and ongoing maintenance, your IT infrastructure will always be protected.

What Does IT as a Service Mean for Your Business?

  • Turnkey Solution

We don’t want things to be complicated. Our services can be easily installed and implemented, so your business sees the benefits right away.

  • Better Security

Our team can remotely install any software updates or patches to keep your system up to date, which can stop hackers from exploiting weaknesses.

  • Save Money

Don’t blow your budget. With IT as a service, you’ll save money by bundling your solutions together for a flat monthly fee. 

Not Sure What
You Need?

IT as a service

Explore Some of Our
Full-Service IT Solutions


Virtual CIO

Every company, big or small, needs a decision maker to oversee IT projects. These decisions can affect profits, employees, customers, and the future of the business. With our virtual chief information officer services, our team of experts will ensure your business makes the correct decisions, creating high returns on investment. 

Get to Know
Our Other Services

Running a business is tough enough; the last thing you need to be worrying about is maintaining your infrastructure. For best results, you need a combination of support solutions that help protect your business from cyberattacks while providing interconnectivity between users and devices. Let IT-Tech take care of your technology so you can focus on running your business. Our IT solutions decrease downtime, increase security and enable high levels of productivity in and outside the office. Explore our services below to find the solution that’s right for you: 

Cloud Managed

Use the cloud to streamline your business and work efficiently. 

Managed Security

Proactively protect your data from hackers using our security services. 

IT-Tech has been very prompt at fixing any issues that arise. It is greatly appreciated that there is an IT company interested and invested in keeping everything and everyone in my office working all day, every day.

S. Johnston
Financial Services

Dependability is defined as the quality of being able to be counted on or relied upon, and that’s why Taylor Electric relies on IT-Tech for its IT needs. When an IT situation arises, it affects multiple users and since time is money — we need dependability.

R. Taylor
Construction Industry

I have worked with IT-Tech for the last nine years. They have designed and maintained my office and home networks, and computers. I have found them to be honest, knowledgeable, and prompt in all they do. I would highly recommend them.

D. Hopkin
Healthcare Industry

Lusid Technologies has done business with IT-Tech for many years. When Lusid lost all power and on site backups during a thunderstorm, IT-Tech was there to restore from offsite backups. When Lusid was attacked by internet ransomware, again IT-Tech was there to restore our lost data held hostage. We count on IT-Tech as a valued allie, a great business partner, and a provider of technology to insure our company's operations and security.

L. Truesdale
Manufacturing Industry

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Knowledge is power, and we want to give our clients all the resources they need to better understand how IT works. Follow our blog to stay current on the latest industry news.

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